Michaela Ross

B.Sc. B.Sc.(Clin). M.H.Sc. MOSNZ


Michaela Ross is an experienced osteopath. She spent 5 years in Melbourne studying osteopathy, graduating in 2000 and has since worked in Blenheim, Nelson and in the UK and Ireland.

“My aim with anyone who consults me, is to help them optimise what they can do with their body. Some problems can be completely sorted out and some can’t. My passion is for the people who consult me to be able to do what they choose to do with minimal consequences rather than being limited by their body. I get enormous satisfaction from enabling people to do those things they thought they couldn’t do.”

“My introduction to manual therapy as an occupation was in doing massage – once I realised that I didn’t want to pursue a career based on my first degree in psychology. I really enjoyed the massage work – it whetted my appetite for knowledge as to what goes on in bodies and what to do about it. So I looked at the manual therapy options of osteopathy, physiotherapy and chiropractic. The philosophy of osteopathy resonated best with me so I went to Melbourne to study. It took five years to complete the Bachelors and Masters degrees necessary and I finished that at the end of 1999. After working in Blenheim for a couple of years, I went travelling – working mostly in Ireland – and returned back to Nelson to set up my own Osteopathy Practice.”